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How to Live with Courage and Become an Everyday Leader

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Ash Beckham - Make a Positive Impact

Discover the eight pillars of everyday leadership to make a positive impact in your life, community, workplace, and more

Who will step up and change the course of a world that is so full of anger and conflict? Not elected officials or media personalities, but what equality advocate Ash Beckham calls “everyday leaders”—including you. “We are moms and teachers and executives and imams,” she says. “Before we start changing the external world, we need to commit to living fully and completely as our most authentic selves.”

In Step Up, Beckham presents eight pillars to become an everyday leader—Empathy, Responsibility, Courage, Grace, Individuality, Humility, Patience, and Authenticity. For each pillar, she shares engaging stories of her own journey from isolation and anger to a place of greater openness and connection. She then provides eye-opening research on what it takes to build these essential qualities, coupled with practices to mindfully change the way you relate to yourself and the people in your life.

“We all have closets,” says Beckham. “We in the LGBTQ community do not have the closet market cornered.” Though our closets may feel safe, we only become whole and effective when we stop hiding from ourselves and others. Step Up is a powerful call to action—to speak when it feels easier to be silent, to do good without being self-righteous, and to create a world of inclusion where everyone has a voice.



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Step Up is an empowering and mobilizing call to action, full of emotional and incredibly relevant storytelling. With a compelling blend of innovative research and personal stories, Ash Beckham has created an artful and visionary guide to stepping up in all areas of your life and becoming a more inclusive, active, and confident version of yourself. Through the foundational eight pillars of leadership, Step Up shows readers that everyone has the potential (and responsibility) to speak up for themselves and others, and that we all have the capabilities and stories necessary to become better leaders.

Jennifer Brown, MM, MS, founder, president, and CEO of Jennifer Brown Consulting; author of Inclusion and How to Be an Inclusive Leader

This book is every bit as impactful as watching Ash Beckham share her story onstage in a packed auditorium. There, as here, her vibrant, wide-open heart shines through. Step Up is more valuable than any ‘inclusion workshop’ I’ve ever attended. Ash knows firsthand that the way to broaden our perspective about difference and unseat our unconscious habits is not by top-down command but by grassroots understanding. Step Up not only imparts that understanding by blending storytelling, inspiration, and science, it also offers actionable homework. It’s a book. It’s a workshop. It’s a motivational ideal for all of us who aspire to be better, kinder versions of ourselves.

Sue Heilbronner, JD, MPP, CEO of MergeLane Fund

Ash’s insights jump off the pages of this incredibly compelling read! Her personal stories made me laugh, cry, and, most importantly, relate. I would recommend this book to interns, CEOs, and everyone in between. Ash’s one-of-a-kind take on leadership is the fresh perspective we need in today’s world.

Erin Uritus, CEO of Out & Equal Workplace Advocates

Ash Beckham somehow created a self-improvement book that is neither boring nor pretentious! She took on a topic that people can relate to in everyday life—how to become a better leader—and infused it with humor, emotion, and practical tips I will actually use because they’re not overly complicated or annoying. I often forget that leadership transcends the workplace, and the more I can include this mind-set in my everyday life, the better person I will be for myself, others, and the world around me. My favorite (and toughest) challenge is to practice patience as it relates to leadership. Ash reminds us that sometimes being a leader is to do the opposite of what you think you should. Thank you, Ash, for sharing yourself and this gift with the world!

Nicole DeBoom, founder and CEO of Skirt Sports, Inc.

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