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Ash Beckham is a bold, dynamic presenter who speaks about empathy, respect and the power of having real conversations.

Ash Beckham speaks to audiences from 5 to 15,000. She entertains entrepreneurs, boards of directors, emerging executives, aspiring leaders, community organizers and students ranging from college to elementary school. With wildly funny and poignant stories, and a tough, yet deeply compassionate stance, Ash Beckham tells us how to take off the armor and be our authentic selves.

She challenges us to get REAL.


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    Step Up

    Mastering Everyday Leadership

    Anyone can be great once. How can we lead every day in everything we do? When we find the power of our unique version of leadership, those core principles are the same whether we are talking to our client, our boss, our child or the barista behind the counter. The way we do anything is the way we do everything. In order to lead every day, in everything we do, we must identify, practice and improve our particular leadership style.

    In this humorous and relatable talk, Ash outlines the 8 pillars of everyday leadership – Empathy, Responsibility, Courage, Grace, Individuality, Humility, Patience and Authenticity. By sharing personal stories, extracting universal messages and presenting the audience with challenges that are both plausible yet outside of our comfort zones, Ash motivates the audience to both strive to be a better version of themselves and make tangible plans to get there.


    +Understand the 8 pillars of Everyday Leadership and how to practice them
    +Identify and enhance your individual leadership brand
    +Examine your leadership growth opportunities and design strategies to broaden your leadership tool kit.

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    The Art of Inclusive Leadership

    How do you make sure everyone feels part of team?

    In this session, learn how to master the Art of Inclusive Leadership. By turning the lens inward first, we can fully explore our own unconscious biases and exclusionary practices. Our ability to personify the inclusion we are striving for is critical to our personal success and the success of our companies. Only then can we truly lead.

    In this entertaining and provocative talk, Ash will explore the vital components of Inclusive Leadership. With wildly funny and poignant stories, and a tough yet deeply compassionate stance, Ash elevates her audience beyond empathy into the realm of personal discovery, and challenges every listener to take personal responsibility for creating a much bigger societal shift.


    + Understanding the traits of Inclusive Leadership and how to implement them
    + Creating Strategies for Individualized Leadership Development
    + Empowering all participants to uplevel their inclusion practices

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    Give Voice to Your Truth

    With an arresting blend of urgency and humor, Ash takes on topics like the crippling experience of being trapped in a closet, the difference between tolerance and acceptance, and the need to remove the word “gay” as a pejorative from our lexicon.

    With hilarious and personal stories, Ash tells us how to take off the armor and be our authentic selves. She tells us how to get REAL. Ash declares to her audiences “Hard is Hard. There is no Harder. There is only Hard.” She gives us permission to connect to each other as direct, authentic, unapologetic human beings. Rather than serving up candy-coated optimism or preachy political correctness, her stories offer listeners something that allows us to relate to each other based on our similarities rather than our differences.


    + Understanding the 4 steps to required to Give Voice to Your Truth
    + Practice using empathy for others as a path to empower oneself
    + Learn how brain chemistry impacts our actions and feelings

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    I am SO GAY!

    In a world of 6 second videos and 140 character tweets, sometimes we don’t take the time to think about the words we use—or the impact those words have on other people. With a blend of personal stories and relatable antidotes, Ash unpacks how word choice affects people. She helps you understand the need for inclusive language in so many aspects of our lives—everyday conversation, institutional forms, policy initiatives.

    Someone may not feel like a word or phrase or lack of inclusive language affects them if they are not in the marginalized group. But, it is critical to find the empathy in other people’s struggles in order to create a stronger community. That empathy is most easily discovered when we begin listening to each other’s stories and we know what it is like walk a mile, or even just a couple steps, in someone else’s shoes.


    + Understand the impact our words can have on others
    + Examine our biases that stop us from using inclusive language
    + Recognize situations where we can serve as active allies

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Speaking Inquiries

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